Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Selling on Craigslist

I don't consider myself an expert, by any means, on reselling things on Craigslist but I have definitely sold my share.  I like to try and do the whole "one thing in, one thing out" rule.  It's also a great way to make a little money to put towards re-decorating which is exactly what I'm doing.  I sold this ugly oversized, overstuffed chair today which I wish I could claim was my husbands before we got married, but it wasn't.  What was I thinking!?  This led me to put together a post of hints I have learned along the way to sell successfully on Craigslist.

  • Take Good Pics
    • As a buyer, I don't even look at posts without pictures.  I have found it is very important to include a good picture of exactly what you are selling.
  • Include Measurements
    • If you're selling furniture make sure to include height, depth and width.
  • Price Right
    • Do your research and see what similar items are listed for.
  • Be Safe!
    • Schedule viewings and pickups when someone else is home with you.
  • Clean it Up
    • Whether its dusting a coffee table or vacuuming a sofa, clean it.  It may make you a little more money.
  • Beware of Spammers
    • I have learned that some people will respond to your ad only to get your email address when you respond back so that they can then spam you.  Usually these people will be very vague in their correspondence or may even be asking about the wrong listing.  Also, of course don't respond to people asking if they can pay with money order.

Sorry for the wordy post but I hope this helps!  Feel free to leave more suggestions if you have them.


  1. I also get very annoyed by people who doesn't know how to sell things on craigslist. The pics are the worse though!

  2. Hey there!! Thank you for the comment, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the West Elm addiction. These are fabulous tips for CL-ers for sure (another one of my addictions)! My biggest pet peeve is pics and is a girl to dream up what the item will look like in her space with out that?



  3. I'm laughing because I've got a big overstuffed chair with huge arms like that too. (Early 2000s). Currently it is getting abused in the playroom, but I sure would love to get rid of that thing!
    Good CL tips -- the cleaning up one is particularly right on -- I've looked at and left some icky things!

  4. I do not recommend selling your house on Craigs List. I had mine listed on there and it attracted all kinds of scam artist, crack heads looking at my house to see what they could steal and someone tried to break in (fortunatley I was there and I have big dogs).

  5. hmmm... ebay maybe ?

    have you seen my latest post?

  6. @Camille, too funny! It really was a comfortable chair but it was time for it to go.
    @Ms. Givens, that sounds awful!
    @Fashionwise, I'm not trying to sell anything right now just giving tips to hopefully help others.

  7. Great tips! Funny thing... I have one of these HUGE chairs too! Like you have to take a door off every time you want to get it into a room. It's been moved out of and into two different houses in the last four years and I'm ready to toss the thing. Why do we hang on to these things? :)

  8. So happy you sold the sofa!
    I always try to "Stage" my items a bit like a magazine or catalog would. I try to create a "desire" for my product. Crafty, I know, and it tends to work really well - fewer no-shows and haggling.